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Looking for the best things to do in Sherman, TX?

Sherman has many packages for everyone who visits the fantastic city.

Don’t get deceived by the small-sized appearance of this town. It may not be vast in size like other cities in Texas; however, this is one place that offers an unmatched fun experience in the entire town of Texas.

Sherman is a fun-filled city that offers numerous recreational events to its visitors.

Visitors here enjoy escape room expeditions, tours around historical museum galleries, take meals at excellent restaurants, and many more attractions.

If you plan to visit Sherman soon, here are the best things to do in Sherman, TX, when you eventually visit.

Best & Fun Things to Do in Sherman, TX

Below are some things you can do in Sherman, Texas.

1. Movie Treat at Cinemark 339

Cinemark 339 is a perfect relaxation venue after a hectic day of touring and exploring Sherman city.

BizJournals / bizjournals.com

You don’t miss out on seeing your favorite movies even while on vacation in Sherman because Cinemark 399 is available to keep you updated with the latest and trending movies.

Added to their large HD screens and wonderful cinema hall, they also offer popcorn and chilled drinks, so visitors don’t get hungry while on a movie treat.

Location: 3310 Town Center Dr, Sherman, Texas 75092, USA

2. Play Golf at Stone Creek Golf Club

Are you in need of the best place to visit and explore your golf skills while in Sherman (TX)?

Stone Creek Golf Club is just the perfect place for you.

GolfPass / golfpass.com

The benefits of Exercising via Golfing need not be over-emphasized, as golfers would agree that golfing does a lot more to help ease tensions and release stress.

Stone Creek Golf Club is an 18-hole championship golf course that spans over 7,428 yards and has a 9-hole course as a supplementary yard.

Ensure you visit this fantastic place on your visit to Sherman (TX).

Location: 2200 ClubHouse Dr, Sherman, TX 75092, USA.

3. Plan a trip to Harber Wildlife Museum

Ever seen an 11,000 sq. ft museum with lots of fantastic wildlife Displays and Educational Facilities?

If you haven’t, rush down to Harber Wildlife Museum for an experience of a lifetime.

Outdoor experience can be hectic when it’s raining, and you wouldn’t want to catch a cold or fall ill when trying to have fun.

HarberWildLifeMuseum / harberwildlifemuseum.com

Harber Wildlife Museum is the perfect venue for a remarkable in-house fun experience.

Visitors can decide to go sightseeing for different wildlife animals such as tigers, lions, giraffes, and many others.

The Museum also features a theater where visitors watch movies on different wildlife documentaries.

Even if you’re not a fan of big adventures, the intriguing water flow from the waterfall is enough to keep you glued to this Museum all day.

A time out here is always remarkable, and you won’t regret adding the Harber Wildlife Museum among things to do in Sherman.

Location: 4703 Texoma Pkwy Sherman, TX 75090.

4. See Animals at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

Are you a lover of nature?

Do you crave spending time out viewing animals with your family and friends? Hagerman National is just the perfect fit for you.


Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge is an 11,320-acre Wildlife Refuge based in Sherman, TX, and was founded in 1946.

Outside being a house of diverse plant species and wildlife creatures, this park is highly recognized for its charmed-winged residents, which include the Canada goose.

There’s never a shortage of things to do in this remarkable venue. Visitors can engage in photo walks, birding spots, and hiking.

Location: 6465 Refuge Rd Sherman, TX 75092, USA.

5. Plan a Visit to Herman Baker Park

This is one place to be for all nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Herman Baker Park is another thrilling site located in west Sherman off Highway 56. It was Officially launched in 1979.

This park spans across 83-acres and features many exciting activities to make your visit worthwhile.


A major attraction in the park is the amazing Picken Lake. A vast flood reservoir of a 1.7-mile-long nature trail system girded with an intriguing shoreline.

The park offers visitors many activities, such as mountain climbing, fishing, etc. And hikers are also not left behind.

The environment is daunting and a perfect venue for picnics with friends. Their bathrooms are also properly cleaned and taken care of.

Visitors can also get a chance to sled in the lake dam.

This is one place you must not miss out on among the many amazing things Sherman city has to offer. So do well to visit the site, and you will be glad you checked in.

Location: 2500 W Center St, Sherman, TX 75092, USA

6. Relive Jazz History at Sherman Jazz Museum

Do you love jazz music? Do you seek to relive jazz history?

Sherman Jazz Museum may just be the place you need to be. Located downtown, Sherman lies this awesome venue which initially started as a record location and was later transformed into a jazz museum.


Bill Collins, in 2010, birthed this excellent Museum in Sherman, TX. A Place that has since been a home of unwavering jazz experience and education.

This Museum is filled with many unique features that even non-lovers of jazz music would enjoy spending time here.

The Museum allows visitors to relive jazz history by reviewing records of diverse legends of jazz music.

Notable names of mention whose collections are here include:

  • Duke Ellington
  • Maynard Ferguson
  • Dizzy Gillespie

The Museum also features a host of art collections and several phonography machines, among others.

If you crave some Nostalgic experience, do well to visit this Lovely Museum.

Location: 201 E Lamar St, Sherman, TX 75090, USA

7. Snatch Chilled Beer at 903 Brewers

How about a lovely spot to relax and take some chilled beer while on vacation?

903 Brewers has got you covered with Lots of crafty beer to help you relax.


Renowned since 2013, this brewery has been known to produce legendary beers such as Roo’s Red Ale and Kilt switch.

While, visitors can sit and enjoy a beer, experience live background music and try unique dishes.

Dishes like burgers, grilled cheese, pizza, and wings are all available at this beer house.

Amazing right? Of course, it simply is. Their staff is highly welcoming and professional in their service delivery.

How better to spend the night than a time out at this fantastic pub.

Location:1718 S Elm St, Sherman, TX 75090, USA.

8. Get Creative at Board & Brush

Board & Brush is another remarkable location in Sherman, TX, where visitors can come and explore their Creative Prowess.

Visitors are taught to make wood decors from scratch. What can be more captivating than being entertained and learning to make decors for free?

Board&Bush / boardandbrush.com

Visitors are not obliged to provide equipment or be tasked to buy anything as all provisions have already been made before arrival.

The staff here are accommodating and always available to aid visitors on tour on how to make wonderful wood decors.

Visitors also get to go home with a drink and are given a Souvenir.

Board & Brush is truly a must-visit for anyone in Sherman, TX. Ensure you add it to your list of things to do in Sherman, TX.

Location: 215 N Travis St Suite B, Sherman, TX 75090, USA.

9. Enjoy a Sunny Day at the Splash Family Aquatic Center

Are you searching for the perfect end to a family time out in Sherman?

Why not experience a sunny Day at the Splash Family Aquatic Center. This fabulous venue is packed with lots of events for visitors to enjoy.

There’s always something to do for everyone in Splash Family Aquatic Center.


This center has lots of scenery endowment that will leave you completely stunned.

The site features a two-story water slide, 1200 Foot channel, and many thrilling water features.

Visitors can also get a chance to attend aquafit classes, lifeguard classes, and even swimming classes.

Location: 1121 W Taylor St, Sherman, TX 75092, USA.

10. A visit to C.S. Roberts House and Museum

Roberts House and Museum is one place you shouldn’t leave Sherman without visiting.

Existing since 1896, this historic building has sprung interest from people all around the globe.


Outside being a historical artifact in Sherman, this ancient building was fashioned in Eastlake architectural pattern.

The Museum contains a display of several books, chinawares, family properties from the Victorian era, and glassware are also not excluded.

If these great possessions resonate with things you love to see, you should head straight to Roberts House and Museum and be glad you did.

Location: 915 S Crockett St, Sherman, Tx 75090, USA

11. Go Shopping at Kelly Square

Sherman is home to Lots of Amusement and adventures. But also included in this little city are shopping malls.

Situated right at the heart of Sherman is this fantastic shopping center where visitors come to shop for the latest and trendy wear.


They upgrade their collections often, so visitors always have something new to shop for.

Outside their boutiques, there are lots of other offers visitors can benefit from, such as:

  • Visiting the coffee shop for a cup of coffee
  • Shop for ornaments at the antique shops
  • Enjoy tasty meals at their restaurants

Also worthy of mention is their explicit customer service. Their staff are readily available and always smiling to ensure guests are properly taken care of.

Do enjoy stopping by this lovely location for a shopping spree.

Location: 115 S Travis St, Sherman, TX 75090, USA

12. Grab Some Hand-Crafted Beer at Cellarman’s Pub and Brewery

Popularly known for its handmade beers, which give unique and unwavering satisfaction, is Cellarman’s Pub and Brewery.

Operations here fully started in 1998, and they’ve since been consistent in the quality of drinks served.

Amazing right?


They have a diverse collection of beer and employ the best material in their beer production, so customers experience quality service for their money.

Added to their collection of beer are some special delicacies customers can purchase to complement their drinks.

They offer meals like stone-baked pizzas and several other meals customers can try out.

Well, Cellarman’s Pub and Brewery isn’t just a pub for drinks and food only as customers can enjoy also making their meal by trying out the “build your own pasta” offer at the pub.

It’s entertaining being at this incredible venue. Do well to visit Cellarman’s Pub whenever you are in Sherman, TX.

Location: 2130 Texoma Pkwy, Sherman, Tx 75090, USA

13. Explore your Skating Skills at Sherman Skateland

Do you love skating?

Do you have kids who love skating?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then Sherman Skateboard is just the perfect fit for you.


There are no age limits for anyone who wants to have fun at this fantastic spot, as the venue is highly open to adults, teens, and children inclusive.

They also offer tutorial services for people who love skating but haven’t learned how.

Their prices are affordable and vary depending on each day of the week, excluding Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, as the park is always closed on these days.

You can also book a spot with the organizers so your arrival would be expectant, and everything would be put in place to make every moment spent here top-notch.

Do ensure to book your reservations at this excellent venue.

Location: 3100 Versaille Dr, Sherman, TX 75090, USA

14. Take a Historic Walk Inside Outlaws Trails Museum

The Outlaws Trails Museum is situated on the 3rd floor of A Touch of Class Antique.

Invert, and Jeanette’s desire for High-quality collections is what led to the birth of this Museum.

LakeTexoma / laketexoma.com

Packaged in these Museums are collections that date far back 181 years of North Texas history.

One of its founding motives is to preserve North Texas’s history.

It is open to people of all classes and age grades, so you don’t have to bother taking your kids elsewhere as there are provisions for both adults and children.

This Museum is home to many ancient displays like civil war weaponry, Titanic displays, antique telephones and typewriters, and even vintage toys for kids.

Access to Historic stories is also made available here. Stories like local railway history, President Teddy Roosevelt’s visit to Sherman, and many old yearbooks and directories.

Location: 118 N Lamar St, Sherman, TX 75090-7109, USA

15. Animal Sightseeing at Frank Buck Zoo Gainesville

Frank Buck Zoo is a top-notch Zoo located in Gainesville.

Well, Gainesville. Isn’t that too far from Sherman?

Well, Gainesville is just a 35 – 45 mins drive from Sherman, so we included it in our top best things to do in Sherman.


Frank Buck Zoo is a top-notch Zoo currently housing over 130 diverse species of animals all around the globe.

Founded in 1930, this zoo has a vast landmass that spans across 30-acre.

Animals here are kept in houses that reflect their natural habitat.

Visitors can take a tour around sightseeing animals and even engage in live events like feeding zebras.

It is a perfect spot for adults and kids to have fun.

Location: 1000 W California St Gainesville, TX 76240, USA

16. Visit Cherry Street Park

This is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing places you can find yourself in a while in Sherman.

CityofSherman / cityofsherman.com

The cherry street park is a recreational venue that spans 7 acres. This 17-acre park has lots of Activities visitors can engage in while spending time out here.

The park features an ample space where guests can chill for picnics. Basketball lovers can also try the well-lighted basket court to explore their playing skills.

Location: 402 Cherry Park Dr, Sherman, TX 75090, USA

17. Family Time out at Cypress Lake Ranch

Are you contemplating traveling with your kids and in need of a location where both you and your kids can get entertained?

Then stop by Cypress Lake Ranch, as this is one lovely site where parents and kids can have an unwavering fun experience.


Cypress Lakes was found in Bonham, which sits just 30 minutes from Sherman.

This lakeside ranch hosts many friendly animals for guests to interact with while spending time out.

Guests here are taught how to ride a horse. Don’t you want to experience riding a horse and taking some snaps?

Kids can also get engaged in feeding and playing with farm animals such as ducks, sheep, goats, chickens, and horses.

Make it a must to visit Cypress Lake Ranch before you leave Sherman, and you will be glad you did.

Location: 661 FM1553 Bonham, TX 75418, USA

18. Get Creative at Downtown Escape Rooms

Escape rooms over the years have proven to be one thrilling and recreational event for friends and family looking to have an unmatched fun experience.

This city of Sherman is not left out regarding venues for Escape room adventure.

What better way to cool off than experiencing a little adventure?

Downtown Escape room games help visitors trigger their creative tendencies by offering them games that are entertaining and challenging.

WorldofEscapes / worldofescapes.com

A group of persons is placed in a room and given a specific time duration to solve purchases and exit the room.

Each room in the game has different demands and techniques to escape.

Downturn Escape room games are unique because players here are not confined to just one choice of room.

Their escape room features escape rooms such as Uncle Gil’s Will, Blackbeard’s Challenge, and The and the Cabin. Each has its unique feature.

What better way to foster teamwork and bond with family than to visit the Downtown Escape room?

What’s holding you back?

Drive Now to the Downtown Escape room and experience unmatched fun.

Location: 107 S Travis St. Sherman, TX 75090

19. Watch Live Theatre Performances at Finley Cultural Center – Sherman Community Players

If you’re not so much in haste to leave this wonderful city of Sherman.

Then you should stop by the Finley Cultural Center to experience live theatre performances.

Glartent / glartent.com

Finley Cultural Center is one of the best venues for displaying theatrical performances.

Sherman’s Community Players lead the performances; you can’t get bored visiting this venue.

Not only would you get to see theatre drama plays, but there are a lot of other genres to keep you entertained.

Music lovers get to experience musical plays and a comedy preview to lighten up your mode.

Location: 500 N Elm St, Sherman, TX 75090, USA

20. Vintage Shopping at A Touch of Class Antique Mall

Would you love to go on a shopping spree while on vacation in Sherman, TX?

Then try out Shopping at A Touch of Class Antique Mall.

This location is a highly-priced Mall in the city of Sherman. Notably listed on the National Register of Historic places, it is also rated among Texas Historic Landmarks.


Also Worthy of mention is that this spectacular mall lies inside a building That has lasted for over 141 Years.

The mall contains over 168 several boutiques where guests can shop for unique pieces, Scarce Italian furniture, decorative display, and many other collectibles that will leave you stunned.

Ensure you add a visit to this historic landmark to your bucket list of things to do in Sherman, and you will be glad you did.

Location: 118 N Lamar St, Sherman, TX 75090, USA

21. Picnic at Center Street Sports Complex

Are you searching for a place where you can play football and engage in other sporting activities in Sherman?

Then Center Street Sports may just be the perfect fit for you.

QuickScores / quickscores.com

Center Street Sports Complex was launched in 2009 and hosts a handful of sporting competitions annually.

The center features large football feeds, and also present is a massive pavilion where visitors can sit and have picnics.

There are also many playgrounds for kids to play and have a lovely time.

The center also features a concession stand, and its restrooms are always clean.

Biking and hiking trails that connect to Baker Park and Binkley Park are just around the corner, and bikers and lovers of the hike can try hands-on events.

Location: 1401 W Center St, Sherman, TX 750 Complex

22. Fun time at Schulman’s Movie Bowl Grille

Have you ever seen a location characterized by movies, games, and restaurants serving tasty dishes?

This lovely site in Sherman is one of those rarely seen places that offers games and meals and gives you movie treats all in one location.


Schulman’s Movie Bowl Grille is a family-owned business that has existed since 1926.

It started as a motion picture industry starring bowling, movies, challenging arcades, and virtual reality games.

Also present is a redemption center, rope courses, a yard for ax throwing, and 20 bowling lanes.

There is a restaurant that provides tasty meals for guests, party rooms for special events, and also bars that serve crafty beers and drinks.

There is no end to the many things you can do at this prestigious location. So make sure to include it on your bucket list of things to do in Sherman.

Location: 110 E Fm 1417, Sherman, TX, USA

23. Spa treatment at Bella Fontana Day Spa

Touring around a city can be hectic sometimes, so spending time to relax and ease the stress is necessary.

Bella Fontana Day Spa renders the best spa services in Sherman, TX.


They offer premium massage services such as Swedish and any therapeutic massage you desire.

Also available at their salons are hair treatment experts, who offer the best hair treatment to give you a shiny and healthy look.

Pedicures and manicures services are also included in their service list.

Ladies can spend a day out here having facials, waxing, and eyelash extension services.

If you love your health and always love appearing nice. This is one location you shouldn’t miss in Sherman, TX.

24. Visit Rocking Lazy K Ranch

Rocking Lazy k Ranch is a spectacular location that spans 1800 acres. Its floors are laced with scrub grasses.


Visitors can engage in horse riding, and you need not bother about learning how to ride a horse as the owners are willing to aid you in learning horse riding.

Chances are high that guests may enjoy scenery and wildlife scenes in the open fields, and you can’t go hungry while having fun because Rocking Lady K Ranch offers freshly cooked tasty spices and grilled meat.

Make that decision and visit this lovely ranch.

Location: 5890 Luella Rd, Sherman, TX, USA

25. Spa 31

Spa 31 is a spa center that is situated in the center of Downtown Sherman, TX.


It officially began operations in 2015 and has since attracted global recognition.

Their service includes skin care services with highly recommended products and various massage services ranging from therapeutic to Swedish massage.

Their fees are low compared to the quality of service they render and their highly trained aestheticians.

Location: 114 S Crockett St, Sherman, TX 75090, USA

When is the Best Time to Visit Sherman, TX?

The best time to visit Sherman, TX, for ideal weather is either between March 12th to May 27th and September 17th to November 18th

The average weather temperature in Sherman, TX, differs significantly.

If you’re looking for the warmest time to visit Sherman, the hottest months are August, July, and June.

The month of August is the busiest, and prices of hotels are usually inflated within this period.

The month of March seems to be less crowded, so tourists planning on a vacation with a low budget can schedule their visit within these days as the prices of hotels are less expensive this time.

How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Sherman, TX?

Regardless of where you are around the globe, the Average worldwide flight cost to Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) is between $746 and $1,400 per person (economy flights).

While those first-class boarding flights are expected to pay between $2,341 to $4,393.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Sherman, TX as a Guest (Visitor)?

The average cost of living for a 7-day trip in Sherman, TX, is as follows:

  • $1,663 for a solo traveler
  • $2,987 for a couple
  • $5,599 for a family of 4

A solo traveler looking to visit Sherman, TX, is expected to budget $39 to $67 per day for feeding and transportation.

The average hotel price for a solo traveler ranges from $61 to $92 per night for a 1, 2, or 3-star hotel room, and $107 to $131 per night for a 1-bed vacation rental.

Couples, on the other hand, are expected to have a budget of $78 to $134 per day for food, sightseeing, and transportation.

Hotel prices for couples ranged from $61 to $92 per night for a 1, 2, or 3-star hotel room and $107 to $131 per night for a 1-bed vacation rental.

The average budget for a family of 4 is between $156 to $268 per day for food and transportation.

While for lodging, the average price for a two or 3-star hotel is $122 to $184 per night and $161 to $183 per night for a 2-bed vacation rental.