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Are you looking for some fun things to do in Lima, Ohio?

Lima is located in the heart of Allen County, Ohio, United States. The inhabitants of Lima are said to be very welcoming and accommodating despite having diverse people in the city.

Lima is filled with activities and has lots of historical events, intriguing museums, thriving nightlife, and beautiful parks. There is everything for everyone in Lima, so you should consider having a tour here.

Best & Fun Things to Do in Lima, Ohio

Here are some things to do in Lima, Ohio, if you happen to find yourself in the city.

1. Allen County Farm Park

Having fun at Allen County Farm is one of the fun things to do in Lima, Ohio. It is a favorite place for all ages because of the fascinating activities. While in this park, you can engage in activities like hayrides or horse riding.


There is a ban on the farm, and the grounds are conducive, making it a better place to host an event or special occasions.

Another exciting event is the Biennial apple festival. It is an event where you can try out apple products produced by the local farms in Lima. In addition, the park has beautiful scenery, so you could just walk around and enjoy the views.

This farm also has a beautiful interior, and the staff’s friendly attitude will make you have a memorable experience.

Location: 1582 Slabtown Rd, Lima, OH 45801.

2. Allen County Historical Society and Museum

This is one place that preserves and shows the region’s rich history.

It is usually visited because of the beautiful historical views of the well-preserved history of past industrial sites that operated years back.

The museum has an ancient train that carries people of all ages, giving them the experience of riding a traditional train which is exciting and memorable.


The Allen County Historical Society and Museum seem to be one of the most visited locations in Lima, Ohio.

Another capturing exhibit is the MacDowell house in the museum. It is a Victorian structure with beautiful carved furnished frames, stained glass windows, and historical artifacts from the past.

There are also other exciting attractions and engaging exhibits within the facility. A day is not enough to tour this museum as there are many sights to see, so you would want to visit for a second time to have a more wonderful experience.

Location: 620 W Market St, Lima, OH 45801.

3. Faurot Park

Faurot Park has been operating since 1935 and sits on 89 acres of land. It has a beautiful attraction filled with activities for outdoor events.

The park’s beautiful green spaces and recreational structures let you enjoy many activities. If you love sports, there are spaces for baseball, volleyball, and Skate Park.

City Hall Lima / cityhall.lima.oh.us

There is also space for paved and unpaved hiking, allowing you to enjoy nature views. You can also decide to relax under the shades while admiring the lake in the park or the city landscape.

Faurot Park is one of the most visited places by tourists in Lima as it is perfect for an excellent outdoor activity.

This park is also the venue for the annual star-spangled spectacular, where the 4th of July is celebrated with colorful fireworks.

Location: S Cole St, Lima, OH 45805.

4. Hidden Creek Golf Club

The hidden creek golf club is owned by a young family and maintained in good shape for tourists and locals. The golf club is an 18-hole golf course and an exciting place for golf lovers.


Aside from the golf, some other facilities and amenities will keep you busy, and you might as well learn and meet other good players.

There is also a restaurant, bar, golf shops from which you could buy equipment, and a spacious pavilion within the golf club.

The environment is well maintained and has scenic destinations that would be cherished by those who love to play golf.

Location: 6245 Sugar Creek Rd, Lima, OH.

5. Lincoln Park Railway Exhibit

This is a quick stop if you want to learn about Lima’s past events and history. It is one of the best places that celebrate Lima’s locomotive history.

The facility has passenger cars, cabooses, real steam engines, and other railroad artifacts manufactured and produced more than a century ago.


The engineering designs and constructions are a sight to behold as they are well designed and constructed and will blow your mind.

In addition, there are shady spots for tourists, visitors, and families to relax and eat.

The Lincoln Park railway exhibit is one place you don’t want to miss out on while in Lima, as Visiting this park gives you a rare experience of Lima’s history.

Location: 199 S Shawnee St, Lima, OH 45804.

6. Lauer Historical Farms

If you need to relax and learn Lima’s agricultural history and practices, visit Lauer Historical Farm. It has been in existence since the 1830s and has been in operation since World War II.


You can roam around the verdant grounds, take pictures among the landscaped gardens and sunflower patches, and visit the restored structures. It is also open for events and celebrations.

Many people choose the farm as a wedding venue because of the peaceful and beautiful surroundings.

Location: 800 Roush Rd, Lima, OH 45801.

7. Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District Office

This is the headquarters of naturalists and rangers that run the affairs of Lima’s different parks and surrounding areas.

The facility features lovely trees, a nature exhibit, trails, and other nearby parks.


Irrespective of your age, you will surely get something to do while in this park. Moreover, you will have fun learning about rescue animals, local flora and fauna, and facts about the park under the authorities’ supervision.

Although not many activities happen in this park, it serves as a gateway to other recreational outdoor activities in Lima, so it is a good stop for a beautiful experience.

In addition, special events are hosted in the park, where interesting topics are discussed and showcased. The inhabitants of this place are amicable and will be happy to show you around.

Location: 2355 Ada Rd, Lima, OH 45801.

8. McLean Teddy Bear Park

This park is located close to Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District Office. The Mclean Teddy Bear Park is a well-maintained facility that is serene and beautiful, offering many spots where one can relax and chill with family and friends.

It was named in memory of R.A. McLean, who usually gave teddy bears to children staying in Allen County hospitals.

Jampd / jampd.com

If you love to fish, this park is perfect for you as there are small ponds where you can catch freshwater fish with your friends and family.

The good thing is that you don’t need a fishing license for this.

The annual maple syrup festival is another exciting experience in this park, usually held in early March. During the festival, locals showcase the sweetest maple products of Ohio.

In addition, the park has winding trails for walks amidst the chittering bird sounds and beautiful trees. This is an experience you should not miss out on.

Location: 2004 N Dixie Hwy, Lima, OH 45801.

9. The MET

For an exciting dining experience, the MET is a place worth checking out while in Lima.

This place is highly visited as they have a lot of delicacies on their menu list, including Korean fries, shrimp tacos, creamy cheesecakes, pull­­-porked burgers, and dishes from various cuisine worldwide.


The MET is beautiful, has excellent dishes, a cozy environment, and staff that will give you good treatment, and there is really something for everyone. There are also refreshing cocktails you can take after having a good meal.

Location: 306 N Main St, Lima, OH 45801.

10. Schoonover Park

Schoonover Park is a fun-filled place for visitors and sits on 69 acres of land. There is a 25-acre lake in the middle of the park where visitors can catch the sights of some aquatic animals.

This is a perfect place to sit back and relax with your family as shady trees and other local floras surround many beautiful scenic grounds.

City Hall Lima / cityhall.lima.oh.us

If you would love to swim too, there is a pool within the park where kids can swim, as the water is not so deep.

Multiple shelter houses, a basketball court, playground equipment, and various trails exist.

You can also have an observatory in the park as there are many astronomical events worth watching throughout the year. For example, you could stargaze or watch out for streaking lights during meteor showers.

Location: 670 North Jefferson Street Lima, OH 45805.

11. Collett Street Recreation Area

Collett Recreational area is located at the south collet street and is connected with parks that are accessible to the public. It has about 20 acres of green surrounding and has various fascinating activities.

This park combines recreation and education.

WTLW / wtlw.com

It also features a fenced-in ball diamond, an eight-lighted tennis court, and three soccer fields, so there is a huge space to play and learn a new sport.

You can also get to the bike, walk, skate and run for a few miles on the paths connecting various park areas. There is also access to the Ottawa River Bikeway for visitors to the park.

This park also shares parts of its land with safety city, a city known for hosting a program that teaches the youth about safety.

Location: 900 S Collet St, Lima, OH 45804.

12. Alter Ego Comics

Alter Ego Comics is located in West Central Ohio and is the best place for those who love comic books, TV series, and movies.

In addition, the shop offers a collection of toys, posters, games, action figures, collectibles, and many more.

Legacy Arts / legacyartsohio.com

You will also find in this shop the new Marvel and DC comics, Star Wars memorabilia, and other limited movie collectibles.

The staff is welcoming with a friendly smile, and there is free Wi-Fi to connect and search for your favorite movie series.

The collections in this shop are excellent, and you might even find a rare item you have been looking for or the latest edition of your favorite series. So do make a stop here and grab your favorites.

Location: 230 N Main St, Lima, OH 45801.

13. Veteran Freedom Flag Monument

The Lima people are patriotic and therefore celebrate the sacrifice of the past heroes at the Veteran Freedom Flag Monument.

The five towers built in this place are arranged to create a spangled kind of banner. These five towers represent the five branches of the armed forces; Army, Navy, Marines, Air forces,e, and Coast Guard.


The tower building is to celebrate and appreciate the bravery of the American veterans of the past, present, and future.

Within this monument are soils collected from different battlefields and sites of conflicts where their brave soldiers had been defeated.

In addition, there are tall grasses in the landscape representing the jungle wars that America has fought and a minor field of poppies representing the wars America fought in Europe.

It is indeed a noble monument befitting for Heroes.

Location: 1161 Buckeye Rd, Lima, OH 45804.

14. Old City Prime

The old prime city is one of the most popular restaurants in Lima, and it seems your visit or tour to Lima is not complete if you don’t visit here, as they are known for their good delicacy.

It has been seen as one of the modern-day American steakhouses, offering different delicacies for your cravings.


You can also try out their USDA fresh oysters, gourmet appetizers, prime-aged steaks, and fresh bread baked in an in-house bakery.

Wines and boutique cocktails are not left out in Old City prime that you enjoy with your meals, making it a fine dining experience.

Entertainment at the upper lounge features live bands, country music shows, piano ballads, and other performances by talented local artists.

The shows make it a wonderful experience for tourists and visitors and leave you fulfilled.

Location: 215 S Main St, Lima, OH 45801.

15. Ottawa Metro Park Campground

Visiting Ottawa Metra Park Campground is one of the exciting things to do in Lima, Ohia. It is a perfect place for camping in Lima.

The facility is spacious with different amenities to make your stay comfortable as it has about 30 sites.

Jampd / jampd.com

The environment is safe for kids to play in as there are lifeguards and park rangers on duty at all times in case of any emergency.

You can also go fishing at the Lima Lake reservoir or swim at the park’s beach with your family.

The campground roads and parking pads are paved with picnic tables and fire rings available. In addition, the multiple playgrounds and meandering paved hiking and biking trails allow for recreation through the park.

If you are on tour in Lima for a long time, you need to camp at Ottawa Metro Park Campground.

Location: 2632 Ada Rd, Lima, OH.

16. Westgate Entertainment Center

This center is accessible because of its affordability, so you won’t want to miss out on it.

There are about 24 Brunswick lanes in the center, six wood lanes, and a synthetic lane. It is an excellent place to have a great time with friends and family.


Some bumpers help keep the bowling balls out of the gutters, which often amuses the kids, and the balls are aided to go down by ramps.

There is also a COOL thunder alley where you can bowl with the lights down, great music, and special effects lighting, making it look like a nightclub.

Location: 721 N Cable Rd, Lima, OH 45805.

17. Buttonbush Wetland Preserve

Buttonbush Wetland Preserve is located along the Central Point Parkway, west of St. Johns Avenue. If you love nature, this is a perfect place to visit while touring Lima.

Honey Plants / honey-plants.com

This location is filled with lots of fun and beautiful works of nature.

The area occupies over 5 acres of preserved space with a 700-square-foot observation deck where tourists can have a scenic view of nature, relax, read books, or even go sightseeing for birds.

Location: 2319 Central Point Pkwy #2303, Lima, OH 45804.

18. Kangaroo Cave

The Kangaroo cave covers over 10,000 square feet and is the largest indoor party site. It has many indoor activities such as birthday parties, jumping, bouncing, and other fantastic events.

It has two private rooms called ‘The Cheetah and Zebra rooms’ and a zoo creation station where kids can create their zoo animals with stuff in the facility.

TripHobo / triphobo.com

The zoo reaction station is fun-filled, and there is always something enticing for you to engage in. The cave has a bounce house, an exciting slide, and obstacle courses.

Games like air hockey and sky ball are not left out, and the most exciting part is that you can adopt pets and take them home or just view animals in their cage.

Location: 4747 Good Rd, Delphos, OH 45833.

19. Piatt Castles

Piatt Castles is a historic castle owned by the Piatt family. After staying out of the state for 30 years, they relocated back to it in 2002 to preserve its history. This castle comprises two magnificent county homes called Mac-a-Cheek and Mac-O-Chee.

Piatt Castle / piattcastle.org

This castle has been in existence for centuries and has been said to attract tourists because of the magnificent structure, artwork, clothing, books, and toys throughout each room.

The Piatt family guides those who are on a tour of the castle.

Location: 10051 Township Rd 47, West Liberty, OH 43357.

20. Toledo Zoo and Aquarium

Visiting The Toledo Zoo and Aquarium is one of the things you should do while in Lima. The Toledo Zoo and Aquarium Association recently accredited the zoo.

This facility contains 10,000 different animals that are made up of 720 species.

Toledo Zoo / toledozoo.corg

Visitors can look closely at the animals from an indoor area while the Zoo staff bottle-feed the young cubs.

Cougars have been sighted in Ohio for over 100 years, even though they are primarily found in North America.

As much as the Toledo Zoo and Aquarium is quiet, it is an excellent place with adventures.

Location: 2700 Broadway, Toledo, Ohio, and 2 Hippo Way, Toledo, Ohio.

21. Edgewood Skate Arena

If you love skating, you should not miss out on visiting Edgewood skate Arena. It is a welcoming home for all lovers of skating.

The Roller rink has run this arena for almost 37 years.

You can rent a pair of skates or bring yours from home for a fun experience with family and friends. This place also features skaters from different parts of the country.

Lima Ohio / limaohio.com

There are also professionals and experienced skaters who will instruct and guide you if you don’t know how to skate, so you might learn how to skate after all.

The kids are not left out as extra classes will help them if they are having a difficult time skating. Other activities like birthday parties, school trips, and day camp trips are also featured in this arena.

There are many activities to keep you entertained in this destination; it is a place you would love to have a pleasant time with loved ones.

Special packages like drinks and food are also offered while in the arena.

Location: 2170 Edgewood Dr. Lima, OH 45805.

22. Bruckner Nature Center

This facility is dedicated to wildlife rehabilitation, environmental education, and preserving the naturally beautiful place.

So, if you love nature, you can visit the Bruckner Nature center.


It is boarded by the state’s beautiful Stillwater River and surrounded by over 165 woodland acres and is also known for caring for injured wildlife.

Most of the wildlife is retained in the Bruckner Nature Centre as their new home. This park also has an all-season visit room, a live native wildlife exhibit, and interactive environmental education.

Located also in this ecological environment are 6 miles of hiking trails, including rolling hills and a thick pine forest.

Location: 5995 Horseshoe Bend Rd, Troy, OH 45373.

23. Artspace/Limbs

Artspace/limbs should not be missing from your list of things to do in Lima, Ohio, if you are a lover of art.

The building is located in the city’s northwest quadrant in an old bricked building featuring works from artists in the city and beyond.

Lima Ohio / limaohio.com

You will find collections of beautiful galleries, artworks, and classrooms within. In addition, the walls of the halls have various artwork designs that visitors will find fascinating.

Artspace-limbs is frequently visited because of its beautiful works of art.

In addition, there are many engaging events, including film shows, music nights, limited exhibits, and other activities that allow everyone to participate.

Here you will also learn to appreciate various art forms while enjoying the facility’s intriguing displays. It is fun and educating too.

Location: 65 Town Square, Lima, OH 45801.

24. Perrenial Glow Spa

After a long day tour in Lima, your body sure deserves some good treatment. Perrenial Glow Spa is undoubtedly the best place for you.

They offer professional treatments, including massage therapy, spa body treatments, rejuvenating facials, spa manicure, and pedicures.

Mind Body Online / mindbodyonline.com

The atmosphere in this spa is excellent, allowing you to relax and unwind, and the staff is welcoming. The rooms are well furnished and serene, and you could be served a warm tea as a pre-service treatment while waiting for your main service.

You can also host a spa party here if scheduled with your friends.

You will enjoy a day of pampering services and relaxation in the lounge area with some refreshments. A well-balanced life starts from the inside out, and Perennial Glow has you covered on that.

Location: 147 N Main St, Lima, OH 45801.

When is the Best Time to Visit Lima, Ohio?

The best times to visit Lima, Ohio, for ideal weather is April 30th to October 14th. This is based on the average temperature and humidity; however, the overall Lima travel experience is listed below.

  • Spring (March-May)

This season is moderately cold because of the humidity and temperatures. It ranges from 27.2°C to 3.5°C, the latter months being the warmest.

There is usually rain with significant precipitation for about 7-9 days. Spring is a good time for those looking out for things to do as it’s the second busiest for tourism.

  • Summer (June – August)

This is the busiest season for tourism in Lima, making lodging and other accommodation costs higher.

However, these middle-year months have high temperatures with comfortable weather. There is also moderate precipitation of 6 – 9 days per month.

  • Fall (September- November)

It rains or even snows for six days per month during fall. The temperature ranges from 27.6°C – 7.5°C, accompanied by humidity and wind that will give a chilly feeling.

Hotels may be affordable as tourism is low in these months due to the weather.

  • Winter (December – February)

The average high during this season is between 5.2°C and – 0.9°C making it so cold for warm weather tourists.

It rains or snows about 5 – 7 times per month and these months has the lowest of visiting tourists.

What Does it Cost to Travel to Lima, Ohio?

The cost of traveling to Lima depends on where you are visiting from. However, the average price of a 7-day trip to Lima is

  1. Solo traveler – $1,348
  2. Couple – $2,421
  3. A family of 4 – $4,539

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Lima, Ohio?

Lima hotels range from $21 to $193 per night with an average of $67, while most vacation rentals will cost $20 to $320 per night for the entire home.

We recommend budgeting $32 to $63 per person per day for transportation and enjoying local restaurants.

The cheapest vacation time in Lima is usually from late August to early September. things to do in Lima things to do in Lima.