5 Effective Steps To Achieving Career Success

Okay, you’ve been on holiday all this while resting, having all the fun with friends/family, and finally, you are preparing to get back to your career-life.

It’s already the initial week of 2020 and it’s possible some people are not yet sure of what they want to do, or how they plan to do whatever they have in mind to do this year, especially with regards to their career.

But it’s okay. I know that your work desk is already piled up with tons of projects waiting to greet you the moment you take a seat. Even your boss has some more projects to greet you with the moment you step into his or her office.

I know most people dread this day. Unfortunately, the day has already come. For some though, the day is still approaching quickly from the distance of time and nothing can stop it; it inevitable. Since this is an issue you cannot avoid, have you taken the time to consider turning this issue to your favor?

What I mean actually is swimming with the tide but this time, on an altered level; don’t just see this year as every other year where the start of it simply means the start of your career process. Rather, this should be a year that you take a step further to become massively successful in your career.

One interesting way to get started is by probing deep into the lives of successful people to get guidance on how to deal with yourself. There is every tendency that these successful peope share similar attributes and personality traits.

When I said to look for successful people, I do not literally mean the likes of Elon MuskMark ZuckerbergWarren BuffetJeff BezosBill Gates just to name a few. The successful people can be your own boss, your colleagues, past workers, and others around you.

On this one, I took quite a great deal of time and energy to gather ideas from great and successful bosses/employees on how to make your career success. These tips will definitely be of immense help to you, provided you stick to them.

So at this point, I’ll be giving you the 5 steps to achieving success in your own career. These are steps that have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt to be effective to its optimum.

1. Completely Avoid Toxic Co-Workers

Sometimes I wonder if toxic people are strategically distributed over the universe so that you will definitely come across one every day including having them as co-workers. There is definitely one acting either as your boss or a co-worker and you know them already I presume.

I bet you know all these cliques in our career places. These are gangs with a great tendency of a particular concept referred to as schadenfreude: a feeling of joy at the misfortune of others. These people will tend to backstab you, make your job difficult, to name a few.

One thing is sure; they envy you. Surprisingly, some of them will approach you as a friend only to act as a spy; to know your weaknesses and use it against you. Do you have someone in your office who is just too good to you to be true? Start analyzing some projections of theirs and do not fall for their fake sincerity.

I call them toxic people with a tendency for great envy. There is nothing to gain from associating with such people other than emotional trauma, steer clear for your own good.

2. Learning Never Ends

It’s no more a code to crack that will live in a phase of rapid transformation; revolutions occurring in all forms and ramifications of life. This fast-paced change cannot be stopped, so we are left with one choice – adaptation.

In the course of these revolutions, technology is one of the fastest-changing factors and also has one of the greatest effects on our career and social life. And to that effect, it simply means that as technology is changing rapidly, our lives will be changing rapidly also.

Whoever is left behind in these changes, will definitely lose almost everything. So it’s an obligation as a positive and progressive human to always stay ahead in the trend by always learning and adapting to changes every step of the way.

Sometimes this might warrant going back to school to learn and get a certificate which was not valued initially, it might be learning a new skill and other whatnot. The goal here is to continue learning and improving yourself both professionally, personally, and otherwise.

3. Build Like-Minded Network

Are you the type that follows all sorts of people on social media? All sort of people like rappers, strippers, dancers. This blend of people has nothing to contribute to your career life, so what’s the essence of following up on their every update?

Spend time online, following up mentors who have already taken the walk you are walking right now. Those are the people that will help you, adding positive values to your life. They will be able to provide you with countless valuable pieces of advice that will prove effective in your career.

Be sure to treat everyone right ranging from the boss to the least employee. You never know who will speak for you one day. Live right.

4. Take Risks

Never get too comfortable with your current situation. Complacency is not just a career killer, it’s a mental destroyer! Run from it!

No one said it’s easy after all, but you have to push hard for new challenges. If you try something new, you might fail, the same fate applicable if you did not try anything new. So, it’s only a matter of choosing the type of failure you want.

Are you going to choose the failure of stagnancy in your current situation that hides valuable lessons from you? Or are you going to choose the one that offers you a chance to improve by highlighting your mistakes?

Choose the latter failure instead. Most CEOs have failed countless times and are still failing because failure is inevitable. Though what sets them apart is that they learn from the mistakes of their failures and use them as a source of improvement. This time, they will definitely win and move over to the next challenge.

Most of us have locked ourselves up in our comfort zones. But just as a point of note, the more you distance yourself from that comfort zone of yours, the more you build self-confidence. You will be ever ready to take up new challenges, making yourself a manifestation of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Such a dynamic will always take you from accomplishment to accomplishment. At this point, your career life is at the peak of its success.

5. Stay Positive Always

Too many nagging people around us. You’re definitely dealing with them already; they wear discouragement like perfume. They are always uttering ill talks about everyone, everything and every opportunity. They always have someone to blame for their misfortune.

Your goal here is to be different; to take the opposite direction of this negative tendency. You must be the one who infects the air with positivity and motivate others to be the best version of themselves.

But you can’t always change people that easily. So it’s best you associate and deal with people who want to change their lifestyle for good.

Only move with those who radiates positive vibes. I mean that one who others run to when things go south, the one who offers effective strategies to almost every problem, that one is always creative, intelligent, and motivated.

Not that guy who has kept development at bay for over 12 years in his career life behind that same cubicle, who also has never done anything great or has never seen even a single project through to completion, always late to office, and finally, who always sees problem in every solution.

They are agents of stagnancy, run for your dear life.

These are the tips to save your career life in this 2020. Deal with them justly and your career life will improve drastically. For more emphasis on how to help your life, I’d suggest you start reading books. Few of the books I’d recommend for you are:

  • Laws Of Human Nature – By Robert Greene
  • Mastery – By Robert Greene
  • 48 Laws Of Power – By Robert Greene
  • Social Intelligence – By Daniel Goleman
  • Emotional Intelligence – By Daniel Goleman

These books will do a lot for you because they probed deeply into the psychology of humans; the one factor that makes people act the way they do. If you can acquire such knowledge, you are definitely going to scale through every challenge in both your career and personal life.

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