Study and Work in Canada: Everything You Must Know

Being able to study and work in Canada is one of the many benefits that come with schooling in Canada. Canada today has established itself...
Immigrate to Canada

8 Ways to Immigrate to Canada

There are several ways to immigrate to Canada, and you are going to find out about them in this guide. Everyone wants the taste of...
Canada study permit

How to Apply for a Canada Study Permit

If you are searching for ways to acquire a Canada study permit, then this guide is for you. Good knowledge of languages or having...

11 Cheapest Universities in Canada for International Students, 2022

You can find some of the best cheapest universities in Canada for international students. Basically, most people view Canada as the best place to...

Move to Canada as a Self Employed Person in 2022

When trying to move to Canada as a self-employed person, there are some major things you should note for a successful immigration process. Responding to...

Canada Postgraduate Application Guide 2022

Canada postgraduate application programs for foreign students vary based on your type of degree. There are over ninety (90) universities in Canada, 17 of...

Actors Moving to Canada: How to Become an Actor as a Canadian Immigrant

For actors moving to Canada for immigration purposes, things can prove a bit complex for you if you've not got your bearing right! And...

Moving to Canada from France

Like any international migration, moving to Canada from France requires a little preparation as this can be a bit of a daunting process. In recent...

All You Need to Know About Proof of Funds for Canada Immigration

Proof of funds for Canada immigration is needed if you plan on relocating to Canada permanently. It is what you'll show to Canadian authorities...

8 Essays About Canada – Know More About Canada

The 8 essays about Canada you need to know of are: Why is Canada proudly spoken about? What is Canada known for? Why is Canada the best...


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