Best Time To Travel To Barbados

Knowing just the best time to travel to Barbados is one issue I want to fix on this guide. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a fun-filled family vacation or a romantic getaway for two, Barbados is one among the dreamiest destinations on earth.

The sun shines all year round and there really is not any bad time to travel, but conditions and costs do vary counting on the time of year. We’ve compiled this easy month-by-month guide to assist you on that next trip of yours.

When is the best time to travel to Barbados?

Best Time To Travel To Barbados


There is no set best time to go to Barbados as ultimately it’ll come right down to your personal preferences. If you visit within the middle of high season you’ll expect great weather, but it’ll be much busier and your vacation are going to be costlier.

If you visit during the low season it’ll be quieter and your vacation is going to be cheaper, but you furthermore may risk the rain. There are a couple of shoulder seasons too when you’re likely to urge the simplest of both seasons. Here’s a quick list of how Barbados is throughout the year. This might help to decide what time of the year best suits you.

January- March

In terms of the weather, January through to mid-April is that the best time to go to Barbados. Although it’s a few degrees cooler than other times of the year, there’s still around 9 hours of sunshine each day. January is outside of the hurricane season so there’s little chance of inclemency.

The humidity is additionally low therefore the heat isn’t stifling in the least. The nights get a touch cooler too so you’re unlikely to urge cold if you’re out and about within the evenings.

If you’re getting to visit Barbados in January, bear in mind that it’s high season, therefore, the island is going to be much busier and flights and accommodation are going to be pricey.

Daytime highs in February are around the same as January, as are the night-time lows. February remains high season but you’ll avoid the crowds and hiked-up prices if you avoid travelling during the half-time.

March is usually the last month before temperatures and humidity start to actually heat up towards the summer. The hurricane season remains an extended way off so there are not any worries therein regard, and as March is usually a dry month it’s one among the simplest times to go to Barbados weather-wise.


If you’re visiting Barbados in April, you’re likely to urge the simplest of high season and off-season perks. this era is mentioned because the first shoulder season of the year, when the busier peak period ends but the low-season hasn’t quite kicked in.

Meaning you’ll expect weather and lower rates, making this season the simplest time to go to Barbados for several travellers.

Daytime temperatures start to hot up in April, with highs of around 84F, but the cooling northeast winds keep things comfortable. confine mind that although April and should are cheaper times to travel, prices fall even lower because the hurricane season kicks in.

May is one among the simplest times to go to Barbados if you wish to sunbathe or explore without getting too sweaty. There are around 9 hours of sunshine a day, but the strong cooling winds still temper the warmth.

May is that the last month of the season, and therefore the official hurricane season hasn’t started yet, making it an ideal month for a Barbados beach vacation. Prices creep copy for the half-term holidays at the top of May, but it still works out cheaper than the Christmas, Easter or summer holidays.


June is that the first month of the season, but even with the rainfall there’s still much sunshine. Its summer in Barbados and daytime temperatures can reach the high 80s but the warmth and humidity are broken by the odd afternoon shower.

June is additionally the primary month of the hurricane season, however, storms are unlikely, especially so early within the season. That said, the danger of inclemency does exist. Despite the tiny risk, June remains an incredible time to go to Barbados as most hotels and villas offer much lower rates in June.

And there are still many things to try to albeit it rains. You’ll even be in time for the rousing Crop Over Festival which begins in June and runs until the primary Monday in August.

It’s summer all year round in Barbados, for many travellers July to November is that the best time to go to Barbados. Yes, it’s the season, but showers typically pass quickly with sunny skies returning within minutes. And yes it’s the hurricane season, but there’s only a coffee risk of storms during the summer months.


August is that the height of the summer in Barbados so confirm you’re prepared for it to urge extremely popular and humid. It’s an excellent time for a beach vacation, but some visitors find it’s too hot and humid for more strenuous activities like hiking and cycling.

It’s still the hurricane season so there’s an opportunity of rain and a little chance of storms, but rain showers are typically confined to afternoons and evenings so they’re unlikely to spoil your vacation. The Crop Over Festival reaches its peak on the primary Monday in August with the renowned Grand Kadooment Day.


September is that the height of the hurricane season in Barbados. It’s also one among the months with the very best rainfall. While the prospect of storms is comparatively low, there’s no denying you’re likely to ascertain some rain.

It’s unlikely to ruin your trip though, as you’ll use rain showers as an opportunity from the beach, or as a chance to explore the duty-free shops and indoor attractions just like the museums and art galleries.

Many of us consider September to be one among the simplest times to go to Barbados as it’s the month when vacation prices are at their lowest.

You’ll get an excellent deal if you enter September because the weather is typically fantastic with warm sunny days and gorgeously warm seas. School typically starts back within the first week, so any time then maybe a blast to go to if you favour it quiet.

Remember that within the quietest months of September and October some hotels, restaurants and bars are going to be closed.

October may be a riskier time for hurricanes but you shouldn’t worry an excessive amount of as Barbados rarely sees any serious storms. October is that the height of the low season so you’ll expect prices to be at their lowest, however they sneak up a touch during the October half term.


The hurricane season is coming to an end in November, and therefore the season begins to taper off, although there are still likely to be light showers on some days of your vacation. whilst it heads towards winter, there are an honest 8 hours of sunshine each day.

November is one among the simplest times to go to Barbados as it’s the top of the autumn shoulder season. this suggests the warmth and humidity of the preceding months have begun to wane and rates are going to be at their lowest.


The start of the height season within the Caribbean, December often tops the polls because the best time to go to Barbados. It’s considerably drier than October and November, and therefore the official start of the season (January) is simply a month away. You’ll expect warm sunny weather in December although it’s slightly cooler.

If you visit in early December you’ll find lower prices than within the holidays, while if you visit later within the month you’ll spend Christmas and New Year on the beach! December falls outside of the official hurricane season so there’s no got to worry about storms spoiling your vacation.

But remember that it’s one among the foremost popular times to go to Barbados, so it’s likely to be busy.

However, if Barbados doesn’t suit your arrangements, I’d recommend you try considering Turks and Caicos Island, a place you would want to explore for the same reasons as this one. Do have a nice travel.

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